About Me

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide caring and dedicated speech, language and feeding therapy services for both children and adults, via the utilization of evidence-based practices.

I provide clinically effective speech/language and feeding therapy services for both children and adults via the utilisation of evidence-based practices.

I adhere to the guidelines as set out in ‘Communicating Quality 3’ and NZSTA, always maintaining high levels of confidentiality and integrity. I assess each individual, always addressing carer concerns, so as to provide a sound differential diagnosis of specific communication disorders. An individualised treatment plan that meets the needs of the client is then developed.

I strive to empower children with disabilities and their caregivers by providing them with the tools needed to enable them to meet their potential, living as valuable and fully integrated members of their community.

Availability of sessions

Sessions will focus on a specific area of difficulty that has been identified during the assessment process. They can be offered on a flexible basis during the week and at weekends. I will work with your child in your home, for a specified number of sessions. Sessions usually comprise 30 minutes of treatment / therapy activities followed by 5-10 minutes of discussion with parents. This includes session findings and an explanation and demonstration of home practice activities. Appointments are offered during term time and also in the school holidays. I aim to offer appointments whenever is most convenient for clients so that they do not miss important events during the day (for example not missing any school lessons). I offer an initial assessment with advice and a written report. If treatment is the way forward, an agreed number of sessions is booked and followed at a later date by a review appointment. It is important to note that therapy is usually effective but cannot be guaranteed. Location I am a mobile therapist based in Wellington and am available to come to your home for sessions. Fees Fees are charged by the hour, or part thereof. I am happy to discuss this during the initial no obligation phone call. Payment is to be made in cash directly after each session. If this is not possble, other arrangements can be made. Any outstanding payments will be referred to Baycorp and all associated debt recovery costs will be to the client's account.

My Process:

Informal Telephone Consultation

This gives you chance to ask any questions you may have and to understand the service that is available. You will be able to discuss your concerns along with the different therapy options that are available and gain an insight into the level of support your child may need. If a mutual decision has been made to pursue the service, an agreed and convenient date and time for an initial consultation will be set.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

During the initial assessment, some of the following may happen:

• An interview/ case history will be taken from the client and / or the parent / caregiver
• Informal observation
• Informal assessment
• Formal assessment
• Observation of parent / child interaction
• Verbal feedback at the end of the session
• Discussion with the parent / carer/ client regarding future treatment options
• Written feedback of all assessment results

This is a personalised, in-depth process for gathering information, confirming the proper diagnosis and helping me to decide the best route of intervention. Based on the results and diagnostic data, I will either begin to develop a personalized course of treatment, or may decide to administer further formal testing. Areas of assessment can include: oral motor, articulation and phonology, receptive and expressive language, voice & fluency. The initial consultation can last approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on the referral details. Further assessment may be required for those clients with more complex needs. During that time I will figure out the best next step for you on your path to better communication wellness using a committed, focused and personalized approach. Once I have made a differential diagnosis, I will write up a concise report that is sent within 7 days of the initial assessment session. It will detail findings, a short-term and long-term treatment plan, along with recommendations. This report can be copied to other professionals e.g. GP, school staff, upon request by the client or parent/ carer.


After a client's personalized assessment has been completed, I will develop a treatment plan to fit the client's individual needs. A programme of activities to support the client's specific needs will be created with input from the client and/or family. I will then explain, demonstrate and carry these activities out over an agreed length of time. Where appropriate, I generally provide clients with a programme of activities for home practice. I provide treatment in 30 minute (children) / 60 minute (adult) sessions that can be scheduled in the personal comforts of the client's home.

Review sessions

It is usually beneficial to provide the client with a short break after a course of therapy. This allows the client to consolidate and generalise the newly learned skills. I usually offer a review session to monitor progress and to identify any remaining speech and language needs.

Areas of evaluation

I specialize in the evaluation and treatment of children and adults with quite a broad range of difficulties: Articulation/ speech difficulties Apraxia Auditory Processing difficulties Autism Dysphagia Early language Language delays or disorders Feeding Disorders Fluency/ Stuttering Learning Disabilities Neuromuscular Disorders Oral Motor Disorders Phonology Voice Disorders Written Language Difficulties …And many more…

Best Practice

I always ensure that my competencies are sufficient to meet the client's needs and access professional support if necessary. While the preferences of the client have a high priority, decisions must be made in light of what is realistic and possible in terms of theoretical and clinical knowledge. Any therapeutic intervention I provide would be underpinned by a robust assessment and clear goal setting and evaluation, agreed in advance with the client and/or carers.