Code of Conduct

I am strongly committed to ethical practice, upholding the core values of integrity, respect and impartiality for all my clients. I respect the social, moral and legal norms of the society in which I work and recognise that deviation from these norms can affect the confidence of my clients and the public as a whole. The client takes priority and therefore, I will offer the best possible treatment to my client.


My primary responsibility is to my client's long-term welfare. I take all reasonable and appropriate steps so as to ensure the clients' physical and/ or emotional safety during therapy sessions. If I visit the client at his home, the carer/ parent should ensure a private, safe environment for the duration of the therapy session. Session observation, video/ audio taping may be undertaken only with the informed consent of the client and their carer/ parent. I do not engage in social, racial, religious or sexual discrimination in the delivery of professional services. I will not enter into personal relationships with clients, which could disrupt the course of treatment. I will continuously evaluate the effectiveness of any therapeutic intervention, and will be prepared to terminate the therapeutic relationship when it is clear that the client is not gaining from the said intervention. Fees are established by professional norms, and must be agreed upon before the outset of treatment.


Primarily, I uphold the dignity of the profession and conform to it's self-imposed standards. I will not be influenced by professional advancement and financial interests in the giving of treatment. I do not accept gifts, or any financial or other inducements that might influence my professional judgement. As a privately practicing therapist, I will not accept rules or directives which interfere with or limit my professional independence and integrity. I will not, for reasons of personal gain, induce clients/patients who are being assisted in a public institution to transfer to private therapy.


I will take all reasonable steps to monitor and expand my own professional competence and work within the limits of that competence. This includes having appropriate, ongoing and regular therapy supervision/ consultative support. I will not practice when my functioning is impaired due to personal or emotional difficulties, illness, disability, alcohol, drugs or for any other reason which may negatively impact on the client.


I always maintain strict professional confidentiality, including information acquired in the course of administrative or non-clinical duties, except in the following cases: - If there is written consent by the client/patient, authorised relative or legal adviser. - Where necessarily imparted to a close relative on the client/patient's behalf, in the latter's best interest. - Where there is knowledge of abuse of minors. I maintain adequate records of professional services on each client and ensure that the contents of these files remain strictly confidential. Where information is shared with professional colleagues, or any other person, I will ensure that it is understood that the information is imparted in strict professional confidence.


Carers/ parents / clients must agree to the terms on which therapy is being offered, including availability, the degree of confidentiality, payment, cancelled appointments and any other significant matters, prior to the start of therapy. It is important that there is consultation and full understanding of the therapeutic process and what this entails with the client and other relevant parties before the contract is agreed. I do not guarantee the effectiveness of any therapeutic procedure. The outline of the work to be undertaken needs to be agreed with the primary care-givers and other professionals where appropriate. Subsequent revisions of these terms should be agreed in advance of any change.