Birth to 21 years

I assess and treat pre-school and school aged in their own home, or educational setting if appropriate. I offer advice and therapy for children with a wide range of communication difficulties including Understanding of spoken language (Receptive Language), Speaking and structuring sentences (Expressive Language), Processing of language and auditory memory, Stammering and dysfluency, Social communication, Production of speech sounds and Developmental delay. For the child, treatment is child-centered and play-based, giving them a naturalistic environment in which to achieve their maximum communication potential. Because my methods follow a holistic and collaborative approach, parents and caregivers are also provided with tools and techniques to carryover on a daily basis.

21 years +

I can also work with adults with a range of difficulties, such as communication and/or swallowing difficulties associated with a range of neurological conditions. These include stroke, head injury, Parkinson's disease, Motor Neurone Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. I also have experience in all vocal pathologies, diseases and conditions that affect the voice. I offer individual appointments at the family home, both for assessment and therapy, rather than working out of consulting rooms. Working with a client in a familiar environment helps the client to quickly establish rapport with me, and allows me to personalise the therapy to a higher degree. Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation discussion about your concerns or to make an appointment for the initial consultation. I can offer an appointment for assessment without delay, followed by therapy to suit the client.